Received my Indiana Jones: The Soundtrack Collection box set on Saturday and is it worth it? Well short answer is “Yes!” Long answer is “Definitely Yes!”
Soundtrack collectors have been crying out for years for a complete soundtrack release of the Indiana Jones films and this is as close as they are going to get for some time.
It comes in a nice looking box

Each CD comes with a booklet with photos from each film, track listings and behind the scenes.

Also included is a separate booklet that has some extremely nice photos from all the movies and an introduction from Laurent Bouzereau (Soundtrack Reissue Producer.) He also hosts the interviews with John Williams, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg on the fifth extras disc.

For those who already have the soundtrack on CD and are thinking of getting this box set then just a word of warning. You may want to hold on to your original as this version of Raiders Of The Lost Ark does not have the full version of “The Desert Chase.” Also the track “The Well of the Souls” has additional material on the fifth disc but is missing about 30 seconds from the LP original version. However, this is a fantastic soundtrack release and I cannot recommend it enough. The fifteen minute interviews with John Williams, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are excellent and informative. I can see this box set being a sort after item in years to come.
If you are in the UK, Amazon have this on offer for £17.99. A real bargain.