Feldman Teases Huge ‘Goonies’ Reunion, Possible Sequel News

I’d like to think a Goonies sequel won’t be happening anytime soon, unless Steven Spielberg, Richard Donner and the gang decide to either remake the original with new kids or create some sort of spinoff (a la Ghostbusters 3) with part of the original cast, a bunch of new recruits and Zac Efron as the annoying big brother. God, I think my heart stopped there for a second — but anyway, there is some interesting Goonies news, and it comes in the form of a massive cast reunion as part of Empire’s special 20th anniversary issue, which was guest edited by Steven Spielberg and hits UK stands tomorrow.

Over on his blog Corey Feldman teases a whole bunch of cool goodies, like photos, interviews, videos and more. He says, “Along witha group photo of the cast , and Producers, there are exclusive one on one photos and interviews with each member of the cast. In addition there was also a lot of video shot that day. We even did a group interview on camera exclusively for Empire, where we all reminisced about the amazing times we shared together making the film, a few unheard Goonie secrets, and reflected on our collective love for the film and hopes for its future. This was a very special day for all of us. I will go more into detail about the events of the day in my next blog, but for now I would like to thank EMPIRE for giving me the right to announce this exclusively at CF.net and want to inform you that to see it all for yourselves please go to http://www.empireonline.com. Don’t miss this one, who knows if it will ever happen again. Hopefully it is just the start of more good Goonie things to come.”

Clint at Moviehole thinks Spielberg might use this opportunity to announce a new Goonies film, though he may also go in the direct opposite direction and put rumors to rest by saying there won’t be another installment. Either way this looks to be a very cool piece of awesomeness heading our way later this week, and we’ll report back once Empire starts chucking things up on their website.