Darth Vader actor Dave Prowse has revealed that he was not invited to the Star Wars musical at the O2 arena

Prowse, who played the villain in the original movies, claimed that he was snubbed by the producers of Star Wars: A Musical Journey.

“I’ve known about Star Wars the musical for ages and ages but I have never even had one enquiry about the possibility of me going there,” he told Absolute Radio.

“I’ve been completely ignored.”

Speaking about his co-star Anthony Daniels and director George Lucas, he added: “I haven’t spoken to Lucas since 1982, nothing at all. Nor Anthony Daniels, he’s a law unto himself – leave well alone! I’m still in touch with everyone else though.”

The actor also spoke about his successful battle with prostate cancer, revealing that he was now back to full health.

He joked: “I have no problems getting erections or peeing!”