‘Star Trek’ director reportedly writing and directing homage to Spielberg’s early flicks.

wants to create a kind of “anti Avatar” movie…

New York Magazine’s Vulture blog reports via an unnamed source that Abrams is wrapping up a script described as “a tip of the hat to [Spielberg’s] movies of the ’70s and early ’80s.” He will direct it himself for Paramount in the early fall. Spielberg’s role is unknown at this point, but it is believed that the DreamWorks co-founder will serve in an executive producer or advisory capacity.

For those who are familiar with Abrams’ M.O., it should come as no surprise that plot details, as well as the title, are being kept quiet for the time being. Vulture’s source said that the premise fits in with motifs that have long been established in Spielberg’s work, particularly his early efforts: Personal relationships between the main characters are tested when they are faced with some kind of fantastic ā€” “possibly other-worldly” ā€” event.

As the source explained, “J.J. wants to make sure Steven is properly paid homage to. This is really an interpretation of some of Spielberg’s earlier films, but done in a personal way.” The plans call for a low budget; the source describes the project as “kind of an anti-‘Avatar.’ “

An early fall production means that the mysterious collaboration likely wouldn’t interfere with any plans Abrams may have to direct the “Star Trek” sequel. This is all assuming that Vulture’s source is accurate, of course. As the blog points out, spokespeople from both Paramount and DreamWorks “denied any knowledge of the new Abrams project.”