The huge success of The Force Unleashed (it’s sold over seven million copies) hasn’t made getting approval of big-budget Star Wars games any easier, says exec producer Haden Blackman.

Speaking to CVG this month, the LucasArts man said that although Force Unleashed 2 wasn’t a difficult sell, new technology and engine work definitely had to be argued for.

When asked if TFU 1’s success has made it easier to get big-budget Star Wars games green-lit, Blackman replied:

“No, it hasn’t made it easier but it hasn’t made it harder. It’s a difficult business and we have to always be cognisant of cost and team size and whatnot so we have to be able to come in with a solid argument for it.”

He continued: “It wasn’t hard to argue for a sequel but what we we’re going to do, how we were going to approach it and the work we were going to do on the engine – those were definitely discussions we had to have.

“The budget and things like that are always discussed, the great news is that because it’s a seasoned team that worked on TFU 1 we’re more efficient and able to experiment more and get the most out of it. TFU 2 looks far better than TFU 1, I hope you guys can agree.”

We do. See the sequel in action via this bonkers Force Unleashed 2 trailer. It’s out on October 26.