Its fashionable to be a geek.  Its even more fashionable to announce your geekiness to other geeks with a good T-shirt.  I’m not talking about the t-shirts that shout geekiness by having huge movie logos splatted all over them like the popular Ghostbusters logo t-shirt or Superman emblem t-shirts.  No!  I’m talking about subtle geekiness t-shirts that only other geeks would get.
So here are my top Spielberg/Lucas t-shirts for Geeks. (Okay two I cheated a bit.)

1 – Back To The Future hill Valley High School

2 – Close Encounters Devil’s Tower 
3 – Raiders Of The Lost Ark – Raven Nepal
4 – Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom
5 – Jaws Amity Island
6 – Jaws – Amity Police
7 – Jaws- Quints Fishing
8 – The Goonies Lighthouse Lounge
9 – Ghostbusters
10 – National Lampoons Vacation

All the T-shirts above are available from “Last Exit To Nowhere” website.  Just ordered the Close Encounters one.  The two below can be found at

11 – ILM Night Crew

12 – Star Wars Old Republic Empire