Going to the cinema is fun experience, we all love it.  But admit it before we go in there are a few things that go through our head that we hope are not going to be there or happen.  Here are my top ten annoying things in a cinema in no particular order

1 – Groups of kids who are obviously not there to watch the movie

Its so annoying.  They sit at the back while some may sit at the front and laugh and giggle all they way through the movie.  Argggg!!!!  Why did they waste their money?  Just to annoy the rest of us?  Now I normally try to find an “over 18 only” showing of the movie.

2 – People texting and checking their phone.

Its so distracting.  It doesn’t matter whats happening in the movie my attention will always go to that glowing screen someone is holding.  Switch it off!  The world is not going to end.

3 – The cinema being too cold or warm

I don’t expect to pay money and have a draft sweeping across me for two hours and at the same time I don’t expect to be melting.  Its not rocket science.

4 – The cinema screen having marks or a tear

This doesn’t happen that often but when it does it is so annoying.  I watched Wall-E at my local cinema and there was what looked like a small tear right in the middle of the screen.  I tried not to notice it but I couldn’t.

5 – People kicking the back of your chair

This applies to the bus, train, plane, theatre or anywhere else where you sit in rows.  What are they doing?  Playing Twister?

6 – People who leave before the movie has finished.

Why?  You paid to watch this movie, did you under estimate how long it will be?  Is your life that important that an extra couple of minutes will make all the difference.  I watched Toy Story 3 last week and if you’ve seen it you know that during the credits they have some additional content which was really funny.  But those who’ve got up and on their way out what do they do?  They stop and watch from the isles or in front of you.  Equally annoying is when people get ready to go.  Watching Avatar a few months back, a few minutes before the end the person in front was putting his coat on and hat and scarf!  My head is in my hands at this point!

7 – People who bring sweets in wrappers

I can tolerate popcorn as this is a traditional cinema association but why do people bring sweets in wrappers or crack open a can of coke half way through a film?  Also when they open that sweet why does it take five minutes for them to open one sweet?  What is is a rubik’s sweet?  Don’t get me started on bubblegum.  People who “snap” the gum in their mouth while they are chewing.  Please stop!

8 – The arm rest stealer

  I like my space in a cinema as I am tall I normally sit on the end to stretch my lanky legs but when I have no option but to sit in the middle the arm rests become important.  So imagine my look when some people put their coat on the arm rest or half their laundry!  Also when their arm is half way across the row!  Head in hands time again!

9 – The staff who wait for you to leave while the credits are running

Look I am a geek okay?  I am there for the full movie.  Not half.  I want to watch the movie and then the credits for three reasons.  One.  I am one of the few who wants to know who tied Mr Cruises shoe laces or where that toilet scene was shot.  Two.  I want to listen to the end credits (see my top twenty end credits for further proof)  Three.  You never know if there is a little bit more of the movie at the end (remember Samuel L Jackson in Iron Man 1?  No?)

10 – The Projectionist Getting It Wrong

Again when I pay to watch a movie I want it to be perfect.  I want the aspect ratio to be perfect.  I don’t want the bottom of the screen to be melting over the floor at the bottom.  Also the sound has to be just right.  Not to load or muffled.  I am so fussy

Right that’s it.  Let me know if I’ve forgotten anything obvious or if I’m just a moaning geek.