infographic guide to the movies
Great book to pick up and read at any time.

We all love infographics.  Easy to read bits of data on a particular subject that make it easy to understand with clever graphics and diagrams.  Well this book is full of them and makes it a perfect gift for Christmas.  It’s a book that easy to read thanks to the colourful infographics on all subjects related to the movies.   From “The Outer Limits Of Kevin Bacon” to “Zombie Outbreak Map.”  This is a must have for any movie fan or general stat man.  The book is colour through out boasting 160 pages of fact finding.

Infographics are a sure-fire way of learning heaps of information in one hit. Vast amounts of data are squeezed into various styles of graphs, charts and spider diagrams to ensure statistics are absorbed and retained.
Infographic Guide to the Movies follows this awesome format entirely, and, as the title suggests, is wholly dedicated to film facts and trivia, as well as handy tips on how to create the perfect film from scratch. Not only is this book utterly unique due to its content, it boasts original and striking illustrations to keep readers thoroughly entertained.

If you ever needed clarification to the queries above, this is the book for you. Important issues of what is the ideal age an actor should play a deity, which video games adaptations have bombed and which everyday household items make the best movie weapons are explored in great detail, with brilliant and hilarious conclusions.
Complete with witty and quirky anecdotes and tales of Hollywood, Bollywood, European Cinema and Indie Filmmaking, it covers all genres imaginable, from rom-com to slasher, with zombie, noir and erotica thrown in for good measure. This is the perfect companion for all film buffs and film nerds.

You can get the book at Amazon US for $13.49 and in the UK at £7.96