darren hayes

Huge Star Wars fan and also a fan of this site, Darren Hayes will be launching his live call-in radio show in early 2014 and we wanted to give you the heads up on when and where you can tune in.

2014 is a very exciting year for Darren. He’s branching out in to many new areas and the first of which is a weekly live call-in radio show called ‘Talk Talk Talk with Darren Hayes’
The first episode will air Monday January 7 2014 at 10am PST via online site www.blogtalkradio.com/darrenhayes
You can listen in or call in live or download for FREE on iTunes podcasts just a few hours after.

It’s a live show that will repeat every Monday morning where Darren will speak to a different inspirational guest each week. He’ll also takes YOUR live calls and we encourage to you take part and become a part of the conversation. The point is to introduce you to and speak with people who are inspiring and to encourage you to share your own stories, struggles and triumphs in your journey. Guests confirmed so far include everyone from Grammy Award winning producers, amazing musical artists, inspirational authors and everyday people who live their dreams and want to share them with you.
You can stream the show live on any wireless device or simply download as a FREE podcast directly from iTunes each week and listen at your convenience.
Please note the links for the iTunes download won’t be up until after the first show is broadcast on Jan 7 2104.
In the meantime, bookmark this page www.blogtalkradio.com/darrenhayes and sign up for email updates direct from there.

The number to call in live and join in the conversation will be 626 213 5617
Outside of the USA you’ll have to dial a +1 first.

Read more at http://www.darrenhayes.com/home

Darren was kind enough to answer our quick fire questions a few months back.  Check them out here.