There’s a lot of Spielberg related products out there.  Here’s ten of the best to get your collection up and running, from $10 to $2000!  From Jaws, Back to the Future, War of the Worlds and more.

1 – E.T. Rolling Spaceship with a launching E.T. Figure. $9.99
A retro throwback to the original 1982 toy line, this set not only features the iconic spaceship from the movie but a launch pad that can send the included 2 1/2-inch tall figure flying into the stratosphere. Just open the spaceship door to drop the ramp, slide the E.T. figure into a locked position, press the nearby button, and watch E.T. shoot out down the ramp! If you weren’t old enough to collect the original line of E.T. toys, or you know someone who would love this cool set, now’s your chance to get into the game! Ages 8 and up.

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2 – War of the Worlds Alien Figure. $39.99
Remember this nasty-looking guy? Who can forget him! Straight out of Steven Spielberg’s 2005 hit film War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise, comes this pre-built Alien Creature Model Kit. From its three spindly limbs and creepy walk to its scary refractive eyes and ultra-long fingers, this movie monster’s design invokes feelings of fear and fascination. Created by Pegasus Hobbies from the original 3-D computer model used in the film, this War of the Worlds Alien Creature Model Kit consists of one alien figure on a detailed logo display base. Seize this marvelous 7-inch tall (1:8 scale) model kit for the creature-feature fan in the family… if you dare! Completely preassembled and pre-painted – no paint or glue required. Ages 14 and up.

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3 – Tintin Model with Snowy Figure $179.99
Coinciding with the theatrical release of Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin is the Weta release of this captivating 2-part sculpture featuring polystone-resin statues of young journalist Tintin and his loyal and charming dog Snowy. The heroic duo strikes a classic pose that can also been seen in the film. This highly collectible piece is made in 1:6 scale and measures 10-inches long x 9 4/5-inches tall x 9 1/5-inches wide, including the base. Catch it if you can! Ages 14 and up.

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4 – Indiana Jones Short Round Mini Bust $54.99
An Entertainment Earth Exclusive! Could this be the best Short Round collectible ever? Yes! Based on the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom movie, this 6-inch tall statue features an incredible likeness and a top-notch replica of the costume from everybody’s favorite film about a secret, evil cult from India. Indy’s sidekick has never looked better, and he comes complete with a nifty torch that’s sure to snap you out of any boredom you may find yourself in at work or elsewhere! Limited edition of 350 pieces.

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5 – Jurassic Park Raptor Hatchling Bobble Head $14.99
“I’ve been present for the birth of every little creature on this island.” Highly detailed down to the wrinkles in the raptor’s skin, the Jurassic Park Raptor Hatchling Bobble Head is resin and hand painted. The bobble head statue measures 7 1/2-inches tall x 4 1/2-inches long x 4 1/2-inches wide.

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6 – Jaws Bruce Shark Bobble Head $34.99

“This shark, swallow you whole!” Designed to match the Bruce filming models seen on screen, the Jaws Bruce Shark Deluxe Bobble Head used the original shark construction plans as reference. Crafted from resin and hand painted, the Bruce bobble head statue measures 7 1/2-inches long x 4-inches tall x 4-inches wide.
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7 – Indiana Jones Ark of the Covenant Framed Golden Spec Plate Ralph Mcquarrie $1999.95
As the Ark of the Covenant sits inside that giant top-secret government warehouse in Area 51, the

men who are studying it decided to jot down some of the technical specifications of the godly device. Lucky for you, these tech specs have been leaked to the public and printed on spec plates… in extremely limited quantity. The framed Indiana Jones Ark of the Covenant Framed Golden Spec Plate from Acme Archives and legendary artist Ralph McQuarrie is nothing short of astonishing! Golden hued and printed on a 1/8-inch thick aluminum metal plate, it measures 36-inches wide x 17-inches tall and displays the Ark of the Covenant in all its other-worldly splendor, with tons of detailed information about the object and alternative images for reference. If you’re a fan of the Raiders of the Lost Ark film and Indiana Jones, this beautiful collectible belongs inside your home! Limited edition of just 25 pieces.

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8 – Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Replica $299.99
Crank up the old Flux Capacitor and head on back to the future! Now you can get your own time machine up and running with this sturdy 16-inch tall x 11-inch wide high-tech electronic metal replica from the immortal 1985 movie Back to the Future. Back by popular demand – and with enhanced film accuracy and improved lighting design – this unlimited edition delivers all the detail of the sold-out previous release. It lights up with the flip of a switch, and this version features an authentic solid light, without the strobe effect. Replicas like this only come along a few times each century, so be sure to grab yours right away! Requires 3x “AA” batteries, not included.

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9- Marty’s Hat from Back to the Future 2. $21.99
According to the blockbuster Back to the Future movie series, the year 2015 brings many advancements– everything from hoverboards to self-drying jackets– andMarty McFly Jr.’s signature color-changing cap! Reproduced in every detail, this one-size-fits-all, wearable prop replica features ultra-refractive fabrics, adjustable velcro closure, and enough 21st-century tech to erase more than a photograph. Add this terrific temporal trapping to your ensemble now… before you run “outatime”!

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10 – Gremlins Mogwai Gizmo Mobile Red Car Ultra Detail Figure $9.99
Expand your action figure collection for the Gremlins movies! This awesome Gremlins Mogwai Gizmo Mobile Red Car Ultra Detail Vehicle is just about the best thing ever. Featuring Gizmo as he looked in the Gremlins 2 movie when he had to be the hero of the story and rescue everyone, the cute little Mogwai is seen here as an Ultra Detail Figure inside of a red convertible sports car with his classic grin on his face. Measures about 3 1/4-inches long.
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