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Today The Bearded Trio celebrates it’s fifth year on the internet.  I just want to say thank you to all the contributors and especially our visitors and loyal readers over these five years.  The website goes from strength to strength with more and more visitors checking us out.

I started the site back in April 2009 as I wanted to celebrate my fandom for Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and John Williams.  My aim was to post an article every day and I don’t think a day has been missed since.  The website has steadily seen it’s visitor count grow month by month and with the joining of a Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and a Pinterest page has seen it grow even more.  Now dipping toes into the podcast avenue thanks to Coffee With Kenobi, the site is going from strength to strength.  With Lisa Dullard, Dan Zehr, Cory Clubb, Rebecca Benjamin, Paul Baghurst, Chris Hewer and Rachel Wainfur all contributing to the content which in turn has seen The Bearded Trio become, (I hope) a reliable source for all the latest news on Spielberg, John Williams and George Lucas.  We adopt a no-negative post approach, which means we don’t just post an article that has a main aim of running something down.  This site is a celebration of the big three and their amazing work.  I hope it is a kind of thank you.

Here’s some of our highlights over the past five years.

Answering our quick fire questions we have had:
Nathan Hamill

Tricia Barr
E.T’s Robert Macnaughton
Bruce Gray from Falling Skies
Mike Pilot
Keith Voss
E.T’s Dee Wallace
Erik Sharkey
Cory Clubb
Dan Zehr
Darren Hayes
Bonnie Burton
Cris Macht
Jimmy Mac
Consetta Parker
Ed Dolista
Jim Beller
Chris “Hothiceplanet” Smith
Kevin Liell
Bryan Young
Matt Martin
Erik Blythe
Eric Geller
Amy Ratcliffe
Jonathan Hicks
Mark Newbold

John Booth
Paul Bateman
Matt Booker
Greg Boas
Denise Vasquez
Jeremy Bulloch
Kenny Baker

Other notable highlights:

London Film & Comic Con Review
Bruce Gray from Falling Skies talks Spielberg visiting the set.
Drew Struzan documentary review and name in end credits.
Guest post from Tricia Barr.  Five things I learnt from Indiana Jones
The Jaws Log Book Review
Destination Star Trek London review
Memories from Martha’s Vineyard, a review.
13 things about E.T. you may not know.
E.T. From Concept To Classic Book review
Red Tails:  A Drinking Game
Trivia From a galaxy far far away book review
Art of Drew Struzan book review
Guest post by Mark Newbold
Guest post by John Booth
Have we seen the last of The Clone Wars?
Simon Pegg answers our tweet on Prequel bashing

…to name a few.  More to come.  I want to thank Coffee With Kenobi for giving me a slot on your excellent podcast and all your support.  Jedi News too for all your posts, links and tips.  RebelForce Radio for shout outs on their Facebook page and show and the same goes for the excellent Full of Sith too. You are all the best.  Here’s to the next five years.  May the Force be with you all.

Rob Wainfur


We are still looking for more contributors and guest writers so if you think you fancy being a budding Jurassic World reporter or another topic you may be interested in feel free to contact me at